by Margaret Glaspy

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These are some recordings that I made in the quiet (sometimes not so quiet) of my apartment in Brooklyn. What an adventure. Thanks for checking it out!


released July 4, 2012

Some of the drums were played by the wonderful Mike Calabrese while any bass was executed by the beautiful Bridget Kearney. All the songs were written and produced by yours truly save for the song "You're Smilin (But I Don't Believe You)" which was a co-write with Bridget Kearney. The amazing Jon Strymish took the photo above.



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Margaret Glaspy Brooklyn, New York


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Track Name: Ocean and the Sea
Amelia inside
Each of your past lives
Leader of the choir
House on Elm that caught fire

How could you make
Such a big mistake
Walkin past the girl
Who will soon be your world
Track Name: Us Not Them
I don't hold on to my lover
We keep kissin undercover
He's mine in the morning
Yours in the afternoon

Days go by without a word
and while the girls say its absurd
It's my delight
We've never had a fight

While he's my guard I know I'm his only hope
Never thought that I would be the girl
Spendin long nights in the stars with him
Makin memories just for us not them

I don't walk hand in hand
And I thank God he understands
We both agree
It's not you Its me

Track Name: You're Smilin (But I Don't Believe You)
I got a little shy and lost in soul static I
Feel like I saw you dead
We were penniless and I was doin our best
I feel like I saw you dead

You're smilin but I don't believe you
You still think that I would never leave you
You're smilin but I don't believe you

There was not enough of me to keep you always company
I feel like I saw you dead
Spendin all my nights in the world's prettiest lace I
Feel like I saw you dead


Down by the riverside the water never looked so wide
I feel like I saw you dead
You said Nobody make a fuss. The dogs I like are dangerous.
I feel like I saw you dead

Track Name: Best Behavior
While everybody got drunk and jumped in
I stayed on my best behavior
Sitting in white pressed linen
Lookin like I had a rock and savior

And the band played loud while the whole crowd
Shook out their every limb
I stood on the side, terrified
And thats when I caught eyes with him

And amidst the riot the world went quiet
I pulled my ears and I pinched my skin
With his breath wrapped around my neck
He let me hair down, pin by pin
Track Name: (LIVE) Know My Name/To Be Heard and Be Had
Know my name ask me for it
When you walk and forget my face
Come back with the grace to ask me for it
Know my name ask me for it

Know my name ask me for it
Letters combined to label my kind
That speak a truth from my lips only
That leave a man fulfilled and lonely
That touch his head like a priest holy
And push him back like a temptress solely
To know my own hands
Know my name ask me for it

Know my name ask me for it
I took yours once and I kept it close
Every letter in my book
I wanted, I chose, I took
Your name
I asked you for it
I know your name
I asked you for it
Know my name
Ask me for it

I've been up all night
Lettin the good light shine
And I have been lonely
With God as the only
Friendship of any kind

But if you're wantin a crowd
Start laughin aloud at jokes
The humor will swallow
It'll eat your heart hallow
But you'll have the entourage to boast

And if there's one thing I've learned
Its how to be heard and be had
I've shut the door
On the televised war
And let it feel good to be bad